MarTech Interview with Tony Uphoff, President of Pipeline360

Greetings, Tony, can you please share a bit about your professional journey and how it led you to your current role as President of Pipeline360?
I have been in the business of building, growing, and leading tech, data, media, and marketing services companies for over three decades. I’ve held leadership roles at, UBM TechWeb, VNU Media, The Hollywood Reporter, InformationWeek and
Most recently, I led through a transformative turnaround and growth phase, which led to its acquisition by Xometry, a prominent player in the on-demand manufacturing marketplace, for $300M in December 2021.

In today’s world, we often see a convergence of brand and demand. How can marketers effectively balance building a strong brand presence while driving immediate demand for their products or services?
Marketers need to bring brand and demand together concurrently. In today’s world, Marketing’s role is to surface high-quality leads through a combination of targeted display (top of the funnel) and content syndication (middle and bottom of the funnel). Having this brand awareness makes it easier for Sales to engage with prospective customers, and also shifts Sales teams to a more value-added role where they can provide additional content and resources toward a reason to buy, instead of constantly pushing for meetings and demos.

From your perspective, what emerging trends in the B2B marketing landscape do you find particularly intriguing or game-changing?
Marketers are reaching a tipping point in terms of technology, with Scott Brinker at ChiefMarTec reporting that there are currently over 13,000 martech solutions. Yet, Marketers aren’t looking for another technology; they are looking for performance. Companies need more high-quality leads, and they need them now.

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