MarTech Interview with Mike Stocker, VP of Partnerships at CallRail

Can you brief us about yourself, your experience in the industry so far, and how it led you to become the VP of Partnerships at CallRail?
I’ve had the privilege of being deeply involved in the partnership landscape for over a decade, where I’ve been able to gain extensive experience across various companies in the tech industry. Having worked with companies such as Marketo (Adobe), Facebook (Meta) and RollWorks/NextRoll, I’ve been able to observe the evolving landscape of partnerships while contributing to the growth of each organization. I’m currently serving as the VP of Partnerships at CallRail, where my role encompasses overseeing both agency partnerships and strategic technology ecosystem partnerships. This involves managing the entire spectrum of partnerships to drive business growth and collaboration. It’s an exciting time to be with CallRail, where I’m able to help the company remain at the forefront of innovation and market presence through our robust agency partner program as well as our strategic alliances and ecosystem integration partnerships.

With your extensive marketing experience, how do you describe the importance of call tracking and how do your responsibilities reflect this?
Call tracking allows businesses to gain insights into their marketing efforts by tracking phone call analytics and attribution. However, it goes beyond just knowing where your inbound calls are coming from – which is important – but also encompasses understanding how these phone calls are handled and the critical data insights you can gain from them. It’s ever more important for marketers to be leveraging valuable first party data, to have improved segmentation and engagement, and the CallRail powered 1st party call data is likely the most valuable source of intent to purchase from your customers. This is crucial for optimizing marketing strategies, understanding customer behavior, and enhancing overall campaign effectiveness.

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