MarTech Interview with Julie Gu, Head of Consumer Marketing at Prezzee

Julie, could you provide an overview of the significant milestones and experiences in your professional journey that have been instrumental in molding your career in the field of consumer marketing?
I started out in traditional print media but I knew that digital mediums would be the preferred platforms of the future. While at Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), we wanted to enter the Chinese market but debated whether to develop a newsprint product or launch a website. I was part of the team that recommended, developed, and finally launched WWD China as a purely digital play. It was the right call and hugely successful for the brand.
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How has Prezzee transformed the process of corporate gifting compared to traditional methods?
Our digital first approach means that no one will ever lose a gift card using our platform and companies have the power to track delivery and spending all in one easy to access website. In addition, their recipients receive a best-in-class experience where choice is at the heart of what we offer.
What considerations do you take into account when designing Prezzee’s go-to-market strategy, tone of voice, and key messages specifically tailored to the North American market?
America represents the lionshare of gift card purchases across the globe and consumers have a plethora of choices. Prezzee stands out among the pact with our international offerings, 24/7 customer service, the ability to swap and spend so you’re never tied to just one brand or offering. It’s all about choice, convenience, and care – you can see this in the friendliness and relatability of our creative, the ease of use in our UX, and our emphasis on growing our brand catalog.
How do you oversee marketing systems and vendor relationships in collaboration with revenue operations to ensure they align with marketing’s business requirements?
We align with sales and finance on a daily basis with automated reporting and triggers when issues arise. Planning tools like and knowledge sharing via Confluence ensure that teams stay organized and in the know.
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