MarTech Interview with Anjali Young, Co-Founder of Abridged Inc, Makers of Collab.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey in the online community space that led you to co-found Collab.Land?
I am Anjali Young, a lawyer by education, former homeschooling mother of two, and decades-long member and leader of online communities. Currently I am living in Denver with my family, including spouse James Young. James leads Collab.Land with me alongside Raymond Feng, Alok Tiwari, and our dedicated community-obsessed core team.
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Could you explain Collab.Land’s mission and what inspired you to create an automated member management system for tokenized communities?
Collab.Land’s mission started simple – to provide tools that support the creation of crypto communities. And that’s sustained us to this day. Listen to your communities, the good and mostly bad (bad being more valuable), and serve their needs with thoughtfulness.

Collab.Land has worked with some impressive clients like Prada, Gucci, and Adidas. Can you share some insights into how Collab.Land has helped these brands with their community management?
Collab.Land offers a permissionless platform for over 53,000 (and continuously expanding) communities. We not only provide our projects, including the forward-thinking brands you’ve mentioned, with top-tier and resilient token gating capabilities but also offer dedicated support for admins and members.

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