Craig Riner has been appointed EVP and CMO by Highmark Health.

Craig Riner has been named Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Executive Vice President (EVP) of Highmark Health, one of the most integrated healthcare delivery and finance networks in the country. This action demonstrates Highmark's dedication to improving its marketing tactics and adding seasoned experts to its leadership group.
As the EVP and CMO, Craig Riner will play a significant role in creating Highmark Health's marketing initiatives, brand positioning, and customer engagement efforts. Riner offers a plethora of experience to his new post from over two decades of experience in strategic leadership roles and marketing. His track record of fostering innovation and growth will be crucial in furthering Highmark's objective of offering its members and communities easily accessible, reasonably priced, and superior healthcare options.
Prior to joining Highmark Health, Riner held a number of prominent leadership roles at well-known businesses, where he developed powerful brand identities, oversaw marketing campaigns, and formed tactical alliances. With his keen sense of strategy and in-depth knowledge of market dynamics and consumer behavior, he is well-positioned to advance Highmark's marketing agenda in the rapidly changing healthcare sector.
In his new position, Riner will work closely with the leadership team at Highmark Health to create and implement comprehensive marketing plans that appeal to a wide range of stakeholders and are in line with the company's commercial goals. Through the utilization of cutting-edge digital platforms and data-driven insights, his objective is to bolster consumer loyalty, increase brand awareness, and propel commercial expansion throughout Highmark's diverse industry segments.

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