Cardiovascular Diseases: From Atherosclerosis to Congenital Heart Defects Hospital in Perumbakkam

Atherosclerosis, a form of arteriosclerosis, occurs when artery walls accumulate fats, cholesterol, and other substances, forming plaque that obstructs blood flow. This increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes at the hospital in Perumbakkam. Cardiac arrhythmias disrupt normal heart rhythm, leading to irregular beats, while heart valve disease impairs blood flow regulation in hospital in Perumbakkam. Heart infections and inflammations can result from microbial or viral invasion. Heart failure reduces cardiac function, causing fluid buildup in the lungs and extremities. Heart blockage interferes with the heart's electrical system, causing irregular or slow heartbeats. Pacemaker implantation helps regulate heartbeat pace. The best hospital in Perumbakkam Congenital heart disease involves structural abnormalities present since birth, such as septal and valve defects. Marfan syndrome affects connective tissue development. Coronary artery disease and peripheral artery disease carry significant morbidity and mortality risks. Cardiologists at the hospital in Perumbakkam specialize in diagnosing and treating heart and circulatory system disorders using tools like echocardiograms and ECGs, along with lifestyle changes, medications, and surgical interventions. Prevention efforts focus on promoting healthy habits. Advancements in the field include minimally invasive procedures and implantable devices like pacemakers. Ongoing research aims to reduce cardiovascular disease worldwide.