Science of Packagineering -Packaging science

A Packagineer creates all types of packaging to keep the goods safe in transportation, eye-catching to the customer, and keep it all cost-effective. The fundamental role of a Packagineer is to design packaging that simply protects a product from damage. Anything being transported internationally or locally needs a Packagineer to make sure that it’s sufficiently protected. Prevention is always better than cure.

What is Value Engineering

A Packagineer with a focus on VE also decreases packaging prices where possible. Several packaging designers acquire outdated packaging designs from another engineer or simply want to update a product’s packaging for branding objectives. Value engineering, otherwise what we call a subsection of the Science of Packaging, offers a wealth of possibilities to a company that’s wanting to save money on its packaging. Many packaging solutions worldwide are being completed without much consideration of the company’s financials or the global supply chain. So rather than asking ‘What can I add to make this better, a Packagineer frequently asks ‘what can I take out?’.

Why you should have work with a Packagineer?

Science of Packagineering helps your business save money by focussing on quality and efficiency. You sell a high volume of a single product or have hundreds of thousands of unique SKU’s, a Packagineer can help save your business significant amounts in operational prices. The Packagineer can recognize cost-reduction possibilities during your whole supply chain. They stay on top of industry trends, like materials technology, packaging science, and delivery methods to keep your brand competing and winning without really much effort from your side.