Adapting to a Cookie-less Future: The New Frontier of Digital Identity in Advertising

As the digital advertising industry faces the decline of third-party cookies, it’s crucial for stakeholders – brands, publishers, and advertisers – to pivot toward more resilient and privacy-centric strategies.
Those who survive will be those who embrace the potential of what used to be considered mundane: stable and persistent identifiers like email and phone numbers and the strategic application of first-party data

Prioritizing First-Party Data
The demise of third-party cookies signals a pivotal change for brands and publishers: many brands and publishers prejudice their investments toward acquisitions of new users and customers. However, in a land of more blindness due to 3PC deprecation, the pendulum will swing: brands and publishers will – as they always do – continue to invest in acquisitions. This means that more emphasis will be placed on retaining customers, and maximizing their value. Publishers and brands must squeeze all of the juice of its most productive fruit: first party data.
Empowering Consumers in Data Decisions
Consumers still want to have outreach built on consent and respect a user’s preferences. Technologies like passkeys are simplifying access while offering users more control over their data. This empowerment is crucial for maintaining the balance between personalized advertising and privacy. Brands and publishers are given the privilege of consent by the nature of their relationship with their readers through opt-in channels like email, text and home address. When brands are thoughtful about their relationship with customers, they can have their cake and eat it too.

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