We are changing the concept of Mental Health in India

What does Mibo stand for?

In mental health study, the well-being of a human being is determined on the coordination between the Mind or Brain which sends the signals based upon which the body performs the actions. So, ‘MIBO’ stands for Mind and Body which indicates the relationship between the two.

The story of MIBO?

Mibo Health & Happiness Care was started in Kochi, Kerala in the year 2017. At Mibo we try to understand the cause of the pain that a person has gone through. Our experts at Mibo – The Mind Expert listen to words and emotions exhibited by our clients in the due course of the sessions. Post session, the experts with care analyse the historical & current experiences of the client along with the latter's lifestyle.

What’s unique about Mibo:

Has anyone wondered what a person would be really going through when they are at the footstep of a mental health centre? Will I be considered a normal human being or will I be treated as a prisoner with a uniform separating from the rest of the world.

No Guys! All those filmy projections are not seen here at MIBO. Here we treat your mind and the thoughts of it. You are totally okay as you are physically and you are accepted!

It does not look like a hospital either. Instead, it will be a life changing experience for all the people who are looking for a life full of mindfulness.

Where are we present?

Mibo – The Mind Expert has begun its journey at Kochi, the capital of Kerala state back in 2017 and has its foot newly landed in India’s Silicon Valley Bengaluru. Through its journey it has cured 12000+ minds making them Happy and full of life!

Want to know more about Mibo:

Visit us here: https://mibocare.in/