Viva La Pinche Migra By Jake Hopkins

"Jake Hopkins has created a tough, comprehensive, and thought provoking picture of his 25 years with the pre 9/11 United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. He takes the reader on a sometimes disturbing journey through the maze of Immigration Law and the enforcement of that law in the last quarter of the 20th Century.
He provides clear picture of all phases of immigration enforcement operations in the interior US from the prevention of unlawful entries by aliens at Ports of Entry on the border, the apprehension of illegal aliens, investigations of massive fraud schemes of documents, marriages, and visa applications. Hopkins outlines the often tragic results of alien smuggling and the modern slavery still existing in the agricultural industry as well as the apprehension and removal of every criminal alien within his jurisdiction.
While often troubling, he has also dedicated his memoir to the hope of demonstrating to Americans who believe in fair, controlled, and lawful immigration to the United States what is possible if we have the will to make it so. Hopkins tells us how we must defend our borders, enforce the powerful laws that already exist, and find an uncomplicated way to allow those who are simply seeking employment to temporarily enter the country lawfully to work in industries needing employees with no expectation of remaining permanently."