Vinstories Volume 1: The Serious Silliness of Things

Even the Orchestra plays. A story about a triangle player who is important not for his musician skills but his skills in taking the physical hurt away from his fellow orchestra members.
First Kill. A recent high school dropout, Donovan Muglia, is given an opportunity to be an enforcer for a group of three would-be mobsters as he sits in a small neighborhood park, fuming.
Half-day fishing and flying death rays. A fishing charter and its offbeat customers experience a real life monster up from the deep.
Two old guys and the war that wasn't. A what if story with the two would be dictators or WWII exiled in Switzerland having a 'nice' day out together in a park there.
The last of the Eggheads. Humans go back to a foraging, naturalistic existence with a group of hold outs, the last remaining creatures of civilization brains.
Pamela Pureheart and the Past, tense. Story of a vampire therapist and the first therapy session of a troubled would be undead.
The stinky man who ruined everyone's ride. He's a fisherman and smells worse than one and on an east bound LIRR train caught in a snow storm, his odor exposing the train car's riders as they are trapped in that car with him.
A surprisingly restful campout. First person account of someone uniquely mismatched to such activities and the unlikely happenstance he walks alone into by agreeing to accompany his brother.
The World According to Jawbone. Inner city story of a character nicknamed Jawbone who is wise and probing in unlikely ways and the characters around a crime scene.
He and Me. Two fellows, friends in delusional mode and rather nowhere in their lives, making the most of their superior intelligence to procure free meals in restaurants until someone nails their game.
Two crumbs on a windowsill. Two older folks who share park get togethers as life detectives to strangers in their midst.