Trekking Through Diverse Terrain, Ancient Cultures, and Breathtaking Landscapes

Trekking in Nepal provides an opportunity to gaze upon the highest mountains in the world and experience the unique culture of the Nepali people. Actually, the country provides an infinite variety of experiences according to your level of experience and ambition, so we can offer different kinds of adventures, from short and relatively easy to longer and more strenuous. Some places now have well-developed mountain lodge systems, and visiting these areas requires a lot of logistical work: we provide porters, guides, permits, transports, flights, and accommodations in lodges. On some other itineraries in more remote areas, we will have to bring kitchen and camping equipment. You travel at a modest pace, observing nature, rural communities, and spectacular mountain panoramas. Our job is to ensure your comfort and safety as we take you where you want to go, at your own pace. We show you what you have come to see and help you discover things you had no idea were there! We walk 5-7 hours and 9–14 km a day.