SPI Industries Plaques Manufacturers

SP Industries is proud to manufacture and supplier of medals, trophies, awards and plaques using only the finest metals. With a devotion to greatness and accuracy manufacturing processes, we spend significant time in creating recognized grants that honor accomplishments and achievements with unique excellence. https://spindustries.co/

Plaques, trophies, awards and medals made by our skilled craftsmen are distinguished by their elegance, dependability, and timeless appeal thanks to their meticulous use of a variety of metals. In our manufacturing process, common metals include: https://spindustries.co/about-us/

Brass metal: Known for its rich and brilliant tone, Brass metal is a famous decision for medals, trophies, awards and plaques. It tends to be cleaned to a high sparkle or given a collectible completion for a classic look. https://spindustries.co/trophies/

Bronze: Prestigious for its strength and authentic importance, bronze metals give a quality of refinement to medals, trophies, awards and plaques. Because of its warm, coppery shades and subtle patina, it is a timeless option for recognizing accomplishments. https://spindustries.co/medals/

Aluminum: Lightweight yet strong, aluminum is valued for its adaptability and current appearance. For a sleek, modern appearance, it can be coated in metallic finishes, engraved precisely, or anodized in a variety of colors. https://spindustries.co/mens-accessories/

Stainless Steel: Plaques and medals that need to last a long time are best made of stainless steel because of its corrosion resistance and sleek, lustrous finish. Text and intricate designs can be etched, engraved, or laser cut into it. https://spindustries.co/contact/

Contact SP Industries for unrivaled quality, customization, and dependability in metal plaques and salvers decorations that hoist each festival and acknowledgment second.