Sirius360: Boosting Market Share Through DevSecOps Innovation

Sirius360 is a first-of-its-kind solution designed to guide teams through the DevSecOps journey, offering a clear starting point and roadmap to achieve business goals like better ROI, scalability, and reduced time to market. It helps reduce development costs by enabling faster cycle times with fewer defects, thus improving ROI. Sirius360 supports scalable DevSecOps strategies, allowing organizations to adapt to on-demand business requirements while delivering new features quickly without compromising security or quality. This solution fosters innovation and helps increase market share through improved features and reduced costs. It addresses core DevSecOps challenges by promoting collaboration between production, security, and operations teams, thereby mitigating security risks and reducing productivity loss. Given that 78% of organizations struggle with DevSecOps adoption, Sirius360 is designed to overcome these barriers, focusing on technical challenges and knowledge gaps.