SEED CAMPAIGN- A Digital Fasting initiative for one and all – Dera Sacha Sauda

Cell phones, computers, and laptops have made our life very convenient since their invention, as we can travel anywhere around the world and we can still connect with our loved ones and look after our work very easily.

Technology has been changing drastically; every day brings a new technical invention. No one could have expected that cell phones, which were built only to make phone calls, can now be used for making video calls, searching on the internet and a lot more.

Learning has become easier, if one watches and follows the right content, the growth opportunities and earning opportunities can be many; connecting with the right kind of people, education, learning new skillset is all on the finger tips. All in all, it has connected the whole world in a way.

But it is not all rainbows and butterflies.

Cell phones have a plethora of beneficial uses and people use them in their day to day life for various purposes. But the fact remains that though they can make you feel more connected, they also can distract you and your family from connecting in person. The unfortunate ground reality is that cell phones are causing distances amongst family members and ruining relationships.