RKCT Laboratory : Milk Testing in Jabalpur

We are the leading Geo-Technical Engineering Material Survey, Consultancy Chemical, Electrical & Food Testing, Calibration, Driling Supervision & Quality Control and Non-Destructive Testing Consultant for Buildings, Bridges, Roads & Highways and Other Civil Engineering Structures. We were firstly, accredited by NABL on 17th October, 2017 with 64 Test Parameters in the Scope of Accreditation. The company was again accredited by NABL in the year of 2019 with enhanced Scope of Accreditation and the lab was accredited with 102 test parameters. That has been a great achievement in Jabalpur and M.P. The Laboratory has again accredited by the NABL during the Surve flance Assessment in December 2021 with 112 test parameters. During the Re- assessment by NABL in the month of September 2022, we have enganced our scope towards chemical, electrical & food section and got entire 384 test parameters in the scope of accreditation. We are also ISO 9001:2015 accredited laboratory with all the Modern Equipment as well as Empaneled Geo-Tech Consultant in MPPWD by the Govt. of M.P.