Portugal Job Seeker Visa by universal dream services

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1. Recently, the Portuguese government launched the Job Seeker Visa for Portugal in October 2022 as a response to the labor shortage in the country. This visa allows individuals from non-EU countries to enter Portugal and seek employment for up to six months.

How to enter Portugal: A visa allows one entry to Portugal.
Work Permit: Using this visa, individuals are allowed to work for 3 months or until a residence permit is obtained.

The Portuguese work-seeking visa is available to non-EU citizens who meet the following criteria:

2. Sufficient financial disclosure to support yourself while in Portugal (approximately €2,820 for the first 4 months and €1,410 per extension);
3. Provision of private health insurance at the expense of Portugal
4. Lack of criminal record

Benefits of the Portugal Job Seeker Visa:

The Job Search Visa in Portugal offers incredible opportunities for veterans looking to live and work in Portugal. It provides an opportunity to explore Portuguese entrepreneurship closely and network with potential employers. Getting a job and obtaining a work permit and residence permit is a simple process.