NOSTRADAMUS. The key to prophecy.

"A sixteenth-century prophet from Salon France, wrote that he had published one thousand prophecies that describe hundreds of years of history, decades, and centuries before their fantastic fulfillment. Reincarnation is a hidden element in many of his quatrains. The distinctly human nature of the Messiah is another. Fifty-eight of his quatrains have been hidden by Nostradamus to be retrieved by a future Christian king.
This text is a legal argument presented to convince each of you, as jurors, that prophecy exists and can be verified through intense examination. Efforts were made during testimony to provide evidence to support these claims. Nostradamus indicated that eventually, proof would be provided to this current generation in the form of a revelation. This evidence would be so conclusive; that everyone would accept the truth that this examination has presented. In addition, over 300 successfully fulfilled prophecies were submitted to establish the astounding accuracy of his prophecies in their ability to foretell future events."