M3M Paragon 57 Gurgaon: Your Gateway to Elevated Living in Gurgaon

M3M India, a trailblazer in imaginative configurations is currently offering an exceptional idea of space living in the core of Gurgaon. M3M Paragon 57 Gurgaon is a mix of contemporary and theoretical development, offering extravagant, top-notch, 1 BHK extravagance duplex condos spread north of 9 stories.

The striking and contemporary design of M3M Paragon 57 Gurgaon works with a remarkable blended-use improvement that appreciates direct even access from the street with an inviting drop-off point. These homes include remarkable twofold-level units with roofs that are roughly 20 feet high.

Why M3M Paragon 57 Gurgaon?
Direct Access from Green Street and GCRE Rd
Ascending at an intersection of 150 m wide Green Street (Extn.) and 24 meters wide Area Street.
Part of a Completely Coordinated Business improvement
Situated along the Travel Arranged Improvement Hall
Spread across 9 stories and a well-coordi