Lab integration system software

Saral-DMS within the Saral-Path software suite, I can share more detailed information about its features and functionalities: Patient Registration and Management:
Assign unique IDs for efficient record keeping.
Store and manage patient demographics, medical history, and appointment details.
Track patient visits and treatments seamlessly.
Panel Patient Management System:
Group patients for specific diagnostic panels or studies.
Streamline the processing and reporting for these groups.
Optimize workflows for handling recurring tests and examinations.
Analytical Data System:
Generate reports and insights on lab performance metrics.
Track turnaround times (TAT) for different tests and procedures.
Identify areas for improvement and optimize lab efficiency.
Patient Card System:
Maintain individual patient cards with complete medical records.
Access patient information quickly and easily during consultations.
Ensure smooth handover of patient care between different healthcare professionals.
Stock Management System:
Track inventory levels of medicines, reagents, and other consumables.
Set reorder points and generate purchase orders automatically.
Minimize wastage and maintain optimal stock levels.
Turnaround Time (TAT) Management:
Monitor the time taken for different tests and procedures.
Identify bottlenecks and delays in the workflow.
Implement strategies to improve TAT and patient satisfaction.
Center/Branch Management (if applicable):
Manage multiple diagnostic centers or branches from a central platform.
Monitor performance, inventory, and staff across different locations.
Ensure consistent quality of service across all branches.