Keloid Specialist in Pune maharashtra

Dr. Niteen Dhepe is a keloid specialist in Pune, a pioneer in clinical dermatological research, is pushing conventional methods to several forms of keloids. His colleagues refer to him as “The Laser Man” of Indian Dermatology. He has developed therapies that not only provide excellent outcomes but also do not cause any damage or put patients in danger of intensifying their keloids. If you have keloids, if they have worsened despite medications or surgery, or if your doctor cannot figure out an appropriate therapy for you, you need to understand that there is help, and there is someone who has treated several other keloid patients like you.
Describing Keloid Disorder
Keloid is a skin condition that has a significant impact on many parts of the sufferers’ lives. Keloid disease can manifest as a single little spot on the skin or as many lesions scattered throughout different areas of the body. Keloid scars can expand to become a huge skin tumour in certain cases. Keloid has a hereditary component, typically runs in families, and is most commonly found in African/African American and Asian populations; however, it has been recorded in people of practically all ethnicities. When a person is susceptible to the disease, keloid will emerge after a skin injury, that can occur in a variety of ways, such as ear piercing, acne, surgery, chickenpox, and so on.
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