Keloid Specialist in Nerul, Navi Mumbai

Keloid scars are an unusual healing reaction that occurs following an injury or inflammation, such as a car accident, surgery, immunization, or ear piercing. These are harmless congested connective tissue thickenings that are stiff and generally reddish in color (but sometimes brown or even flesh-colored). Keloids do not heal on their own and often extend beyond the confines of the initial wound. Although many individuals are bothered by the visual appearance of keloids, they can also be itchy or unpleasant, and the psychological and social difficulty of these scars varies depending on the patient's age, symptoms (e.g. discomfort, itch), location of these scars, and whether there is functional impairment.
Keloid Treatment
Raised scars, also known as keloids, can be unattractive, irritating, and make you feel self-conscious. Our dermatological clinic is a cutting-edge medical facility that provides a full spectrum of keloid scar removal and reduction procedures. Over the course of several years, we have treated thousands of people from all over the world. Our dermatological experts are board-certified at our institution. Our expert thoroughly evaluates each patient and precisely tailors a treatment approach based on the specific characteristics of your keloid scars. We provide cutting-edge keloid removal techniques including laser therapy and radiation therapy.

Clinical Team with Medical-Grade Training
Dr. Niteen Dhepe, a Keloid Specialist in Nerul Navi Mumbai, and his skilled team provide cutting-edge procedures to eliminate keloids and improve the appearance of your skin. To remove keloid scars and restore the skin's natural tone, they utilize cutting-edge technology and treatments. Our specialists' commitment to their patient's long-term health is at the heart of their practice; they go to great measures to ensure your skin is regenerated and protected from harmful causes, such as sunlight exposure, in order to preserve your long-term skin health.
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