Keep your customers returning, even after debt collection

Late payment by a customer and needing to implement debt collection techniques doesn’t by any means need to be the end of your business relationship. In fact, done in the right way, it can help preserve your dealings with them for the long-term. And in a world where word of mouth is key, referral business and good reviews can be a welcome by-product of keeping your customers happy during the debt recovery process.

Just as you personalise your client service and pride yourself on exceeding customer expectations every time, use this same approach during the less enjoyable process of debt collection. Think about how you would approach a different business problem e.g. a supplier letting you down or a staff member that needs to improve.

Listening and understanding can go a long way in both these situations towards creating a solution that gets you the best long-term result. Be clear about your end goals, which are likely to be getting your invoices paid while continuing to maintain this customer for future purchases. And plan the best steps to this destination.