Journal of Aquatic Research and Sustainability

Journal of Aquatic Research and Sustainability (JARS) is an official journal of Genesis Publishing Consortium Limited (GPCL). The JARS publishes high-quality, original and novel scientific papers focusing on aquatic biodiversity and conservation, ecosystem dynamics and functioning, water quality and pollution control, fisheries science and management, aquatic habitat restoration and management, climate change impacts on aquatic systems, aquaculture and sustainable aquatic food production, community-based resource management, policy interventions for aquatic sustainability, aquatic pollution remediation technologies, invasive species management, aquatic ecosystem services valuation, socio-ecological systems approaches, blue economy and sustainable development, aquatic health and disease management, social-ecological resilience, ethical considerations in aquatic research, emerging technologies in aquatic research, human-wildlife interactions in aquatic environments, interdisciplinary perspectives on aquatic sustainability, and any subject related field to the aquatic science and sustainability.