01) Marketers will be more deliberate in their use of AI.
Read about the AI tools, talk to some experts, and leverage them to help your team move faster and create better content.
02) Personalization is the next AI superpower.
As dynamic website solutions grow more inexpensive, content and marketing teams will make use of them to turn more blog readers into satisfied customers.
03) Create AI content that is unique and does not require any tags.
Examine the analytics of both your human-only and AI-assisted content to determine which produces the best outcomes. You don't want to be the victim of Google removing your traffic.
04) Use social media channels to do searches.
More search-focused capabilities are being introduced by social networks. Create search-optimized social media content that answers crucial queries in a real, relatable way.
05) The need for video content is growing.
Test and monitor different lengths of videos to find the sweet spot for your target audience.
Cut and cross-post content across several channels to see which receives the most attention.
06) Promote the Employee to the ambassador of your content
Create a mechanism to reward employees who promote your company on social media. Allow them to easily share your content via employee advocacy networks.
07) A few content marketing fundamentals will be revisited.
As content becomes more commoditized in 2024, the best marketers will invest more heavily in research to surpass the bots.
Distribute bits and pieces of that information through blog posts and social media.
Utilize innovative media such as info graphics, short films, and blogging about your findings.