How To Create Mysql Database In Cpanel

1) Login to your cpanel control panel.
2) You will find a main tab called “Databases”
3) Under that you will find a link called “Mysql Databases”. Just click on it and it will take you to the next page.
4) In the next page you will find a button called “Create Database” with a text box.
5) You need to type database name in the text box and click on “Create Database”
6) Then go to “Add New User” on the same page and type “Username” and “Password” for the database and click on “Create User”
7) Then go to “Add User To Database” and select database and username you created and click on “Add”.
8) That is it. You are done with database creation.

After that you will have to assign permission to that user on the database based on your requirement.