Freshliance Fresh Tag 1 USB Temperature Data Logger

Freshliance Fresh Tag 1 USB Temperature Data Logger is ideal for monitoring and recording temperature changes of sensitive goods during transportation. This recorder is a single use temperature data logger, which is very suitable for cold chain transportation of medicines, frozen food, fresh food, vegetables, fish, meat, etc.

Because Fresh Tag 1 USB Temperature Data Logger has many advantages, it is very popular in cold chain, warehousing and other industries.
1. The product is equipped with a high-precision temperature sensor that can accurately monitor changes in ambient temperature.
2. This data logger has a large storage capacity and can record long-term temperature data.
3. USB interface, PDF reports can be automatically generated without software, and data can also be exported and shared through the USB interface.
4. All data and parameters are preset by the factory
5. Alarm points can be set, and the LED indicator light will flash red and alarm.
6. Comes with waterproof packaging, with a waterproof rating of IP67, so it can be safely placed in cold chain packaging.

If you want to transport or store goods via cold chain, please feel free to contact Freshliance. We will provide you with professional and customized cold chain temperature monitoring solutions, which have the characteristics of high accuracy, good stability, real and effective data, and low cost.

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