Did You Know These 10 Mind Blowing Interesting Photography Facts.

In 1900, the Chicago & Alton Railway used this bizarre camera as part of a publicity stunt to take pictures of the Alton Limited locomotive. The 900 lbs. camera traveled 6 miles by rail car, then was carried a quarter-mile into a field by 15 men.

Photographer George Lawrence (famous for his post-1906 earthquake photo of San Francisco) then took the only exposure the camera ever made on an insane 8 x 4.5 ft. glass negative (the same as the track gauge). It might seem like a crazy stunt, but it was actually considered a successful PR move, even though it cost $5,000 (about $161,000 today). 3 prints were sent to the 1900 Paris Exposition, where they won the grand prize for photographic excellence.