Dental X Ray Centre in Mohali – Deep Dental Clinic

In Deep Dental Clinic and OPG Centre Dental X-Ray Centre in Mohali is a advanced facility which provides high end imaging services for dental care. Locally in the area of Mohali, our center is well-equipped with modern technology, has a versatile staff of knowledgeable professionals and guarantees to deliver the best patient care.

At our X-Ray Centre for Dentistry, the patients can be assured of a charming environment that has been especially designed to facilitate their comfort and relaxation. Digital radiography and panoramic X-ray machine which are our advanced imaging equipment gives us accurate, detailed and clear images of teeth, jaws, and surrounding structures.

The great feature of our service is that we are dedicated completely to personalized care. We, the team, give each patient individual care, and this way they know that we care about them and that everything is understandable throughout the visit. We believe in safety and implement rigorous cleanliness regulations, which brings the overall hygiene standards on the highest level possible.