Dell 1.92TB SSD SAS Server HDD – DCS, Kuwait

Dell 1.92TB 12Gb/s 2.5-inch SFF SAS Read-Intensive (RI)
Endurance Multi-Level Cell (MLC)
Hot-Plug Dell SSD (Solid State Drive)
In Dell G176J 2.5-inch Hot-Plug Drive Tray (as pictured)
Genuine Dell serial number and firmware
Genuine Dell Certified Enterprise Class Solid State Drive (SSD)Part Number(s)
Dell Part# R87FK
Dell offers different solid-state drive (SSD) solutions to meet different customer needs. Enterprise SSDs as a class are unique to client or consumer-based SSD in terms of reliability – performance and architecture. While consumer-based SSDs – such as those utilized in notebooks are designed with a focus on consumer-based workloads – rigidity and battery life – enterprise-class SSDs are designed around enterprise application I/O (input/output) requirements with the primary attribute