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"Astrology plays a crucial role in suggesting the best gemstones for you. There are several gemstones available in the market. But it is essential to wear the one that is suitable for you. The expert astrologers read the birth chart, and suggest a gemstone that boosts your luck and brings happiness in your life. If you wear a gemstone of the planet that is weak in your birth chart, makes it stronger. You are blessed with the positive aspects of that planet.

One of the best gemstones is Gomed. Gomed is known as Hessonite In English. It gets its name from the Greek word "Hesson". It is a unique gemstone worn to overcome the bad effects of Rahu. It is a variant of the garnet. The Gomed clears confusion faced by a person due to the presence of Rahu Dasha in the horoscope. It is honey-coloured Calcium Aluminium Silicate. It resembles the color of a cow's urine.