Baking Bliss: Discovering the World of Sour Dough Flour

Introduction to Sour Dough Flour
If you’re an avid baker, you may have heard of sour dough flour and wondered what makes it special. In this section, we’ll explore what sour dough flour is and why it’s worth considering for your baking adventures.

What is Sour Dough Flour?
Sour dough flour, also known as sourdough flour, is a type of flour that is specifically used in sour dough baking. It is made from a combination of flour and a sour dough starter, which is a fermented mixture of flour and water. The starter contains natural yeasts and bacteria that work together to create a unique flavor and texture in the resulting bread.

Sour dough flour can be made using different types of flour, such as whole wheat, rye, or spelt, depending on the desired taste and texture. The fermentation process gives the flour a distinctive tangy flavor and a delightful aroma that sets it apart from regular flour.