Author: Sakshi mudgal

Dr. Manohar Rao H R ('MBBS/MS/ DNB/FASM/ FIJR')

"Dr. Manohar Rao H R, ('MBBS/MS/ DNB/FASM/ FIJR') is one of the reputed doctors in Karnataka, India Specialist/Center: - Orthopedics Experience : 7 years Dr. Manohar Rao H R's clinic... Read More

H & M Hospital – General Medicine & Paediatrics (Best Doctor in Chennai)

H & M Hospital - General Medicine & Paediatrics (Best Doctor in Chennai), where excellence meets care! Driven by a commitment to your well-being, we take pride in being your... Read More

A.N Nursing Home| Dr. Amita Narayan- Obstetricians

"Dr. Amita Narayan, ('MBBS', 'MS') is one of the reputed doctors in Patna, India Specialist/Center: - Obstetrics & Gynecology Experience : 20 years Dr. Amita Narayan's clinic offers these services:... Read More

"Dr. Akshay Dhanda, ('MBBS, MS ORTHO, DNB Ortho, Fellowship in Sports Medicine(RGUHS), Fellowship in Joint Replacement(FIJR), Diploma in Football Medicine( FIFA recog.), Fellowship in Upper LImb Athroscopy( South Korea), Fellowship... Read More

BDS MHA, Bharat dental clinic

Bharat dental clinic by Dr Mayank kapoor, It is a multi speciality dental clinic and fully equipped with latest technology to give patients the best quality dental treatment by professionals... Read More

Dental Surgeon & Orthodontic Clinic

"MMR Dental & Orthodontic Clinic was started by Dr. Neena Moitra in 1989 in Swasthya Vihar as an exclusive orthodontic clinic. The clinic did pioneering work in the field of... Read More