A Guide to Canine Dental Care: Preserving Your Dog's Shining Smile

To maintain their teeth and gums healthy, dogs need regular dental care just like people do. gum disease, or irritated gums, inappropriate breath, sometimes even tooth loss, can be caused by bad dental care that results in the formation of plaque and tartar. Thankfully, keeping your dog's teeth shining is possible in a number of ways.

Daily brushing is advised, using toothpaste and a toothbrush made specially for dogs. Use the toothpaste and brush softly at first so that your dog get happy. Make delicate motions, concentrating on the tooth surfaces outside. Chewing gum and candies can also be beneficial because it removes plaque from the teeth.

For long-term dental health, however, expert cleanings by your veterinarian are essential. Usually performed under anesthesia, these cleanings enable the veterinarian to eliminate any built-up tartar by reaching beyond the gum line, an area that brushing cannot. You can guarantee that your dog will continue to have a healthy grin for many years to come by combining at-home care with professional cleanings.