Winged Words by Annette Elizabeth Sykes

"The pull of human emotion and an empathy with natures beings permeate the poetry of Annette Sykes.
A deep understanding of the nature of love, the grace of a bird, the power of a goddess, the ethereal beauty of an angel, or the beauty and magnificence of a moonrise; all arrest the attention of this poet with equal force.
The tiniest creature affords as much spotlight as the grandeur of a full moon, or the whisper of an angel; nothing is beneath portrayal.
From the elemental forces which create us and our thoughts and actions, to the heartbreaks which occur along our life path, to the wing of an owl in flight, these poems explore the depths of her wonder. Take your time to immerse yourself and see what you can discover! You may even come across an angel or two with wings of ethereal hue, they are always with us if you open your heart to look and your mind to listen.
Unique and thought provoking, uplifting and inspiring, these beautiful poems will live in your heart and soul long after you have put the book down."