Why Is My HP Printer Showing Offline Status – Get Solutions

To troubleshoot an external HP printer, make sure the printer is set to “Set as Default Printer”.
If your HP printer keeps shutting down with Windows 10 or other operating systems, use the following steps to resolve these issues.
• Press the Windows key and type run. In the dialog box, type Control Panel and click OK.
• Click Devices and Printers and see if your HP printer is listed. If the printer has a green check mark, it means that the printer is set as a printer.

• Alternatively, right-click the printer and select Set as default printer.

• The printer works properly and there are no problems with printing without printing on HP printers.

Make sure “Use printer offline” is not selected.
If Use Offline Printer is selected, the HP Mobile Printer will be disabled. Therefore, the user must ensure that this option is not selected. How to adjust this setting:
Select the Start menu and click Settings.
• Tap Devices > Printers & Scanners.
• Select the HP printer from the list of printers and right-click it.
• Then open “Use printer offline” from the menu. Your desktop printer is connected to the Internet.

Availability – HP official website

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