Taste Good Calcium and Vitamin D Biscuits

Are you taking sufficient calcium regularly? Is your body able to process enough calcium? No! Then try Our TasteGood Calcium++ Biscuits!
Calcium is the most effective mineral that strengthens the bones and teeth , maintains their structure and carries many other essential functions in the body.

TasteGood Calcium ++ Biscuits contains White Ragi , Ragi is a rich source of Calcium and Dietary Fiber that keeps your family active & healthy. However, reports say that only 50% of ingested calcium is absorbed, and Vitamin D regulates the calcium absorption in the body. Therefore, low vitamin D levels will further lower calcium levels in the body.

Calcium ++ is made with 0% maida and 100% best equivalent for milk calcuim.

We are proud to say they are Made in India, by an Indian Brand as these are the best biscuits for people looking for calcium needs and act as The Perfect mid-meal healthy snack suitable for all age groups