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Immerse yourself in the sacred verses of "Bruhat Hanuman Chalisha O Ramataraka Mantra" authored by the revered Goswami Tulsidas. This Odia book is a profound compilation of devotional hymns dedicated... Read More

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Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Odia culture and traditions with the captivating book, "Bruhata Somanathana Brata Katha O Kukati Brata." Within its pages, readers will uncover the enchanting... Read More

Open the gates to divine wisdom with "Shreemad Iswara Geeta" penned by the esteemed Odia author Pantita Gourahari Das. This profound masterpiece takes readers on a transformative voyage, unraveling the... Read More

Get ready to embark on a spiritual expedition with "Sree Tatwa Brahma Geeta-2" by acclaimed Odia author Banamali Das. This magnum opus delves into the profound aspects of life, spirituality,... Read More

The novel Chanakya Neeti is based on the life of Chanakya, an Indian economist, philosopher, teacher, and theorist who served as a noble mentor to the Mauryan emperors between 350... Read More

Sachidananda Routray was an Odia lyricist, novelist, and short-story writer (13 May 1916 – 21 August 2004). In 1986, he was given the Jnanpith Award, India's top literary honour. He... Read More

Rama Devi, also known as Ramadevi Choudhury, was a social reformer and a liberation fighter for India. The Odias referred to her as Maa (Mother). She inspired the naming of... Read More

Gaan Ra Daka Written By Bhubaneswar Behera.In the village of Kashibahal, in the former province of Kalahandi, Behera was born into a Brahmin family. His education at Bhawanipatna culminated in... Read More

Every individual on earth who is familiar with the "Odia" language has read "Chhabila Madhu Barnabodha," a fundamental book. Children's novel "Chhabila Madhu Barnabodha" teaches them the fundamentals of the... Read More