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World’s Leading Fibre Laser cutting manufacturer

The SLTL group offers a comprehensive range of industrial laser applications for 2D and 3D components, including cutting, engraving, and welding. Through its in-house R&D strength and a state-of-the-art quality framework,... Read More

With its 5axis advanced technology, the Arm X5 laser cutting machine can cut any complex part. This machine can be used on any metal and can reach critical points on... Read More

Solar Cell Cutting System – IR & UV Laser

We have introduced the SLF/SLD systems that are hugely productive and effective at providing accurate work. - more details. The machine features latest technology support so as to provide lasting... Read More

Precise Accurate Fiber Laser Cutting of Jigsaw Puzzle

SLTLs Laser Cutting Systems​ are giving freedom to cut more challenging puzzle geometries with utmost precision, quality and zero overlaps.Putting the pieces together of a #puzzle after cutting and making... Read More