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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a CRM especially designed for financial service companies. This blog covers how to grow your business with financial cloud, what is the cost, how to... Read More

The Canada Digital Adoption Program | SDG Accountant

The Government of Canada announced $4.0 Billion in funding for the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). $1.4 Billion is available in grants and advisory services to small and medium-sized enterprises... Read More

At Narith we believe in the power of people and technology coming together to solve real business problems. We are a team of highly experienced professionals in the Business Process... Read More

The outsourced CFO can collaborate with senior-level management to maintain the organization’s financial sustainability, cash-flow management, investment portfolio and the department’s policies and processes including the continuous improvement of systems.... Read More

SDG Accountant has helped hundreds of businesses over the last six years. As providers of business advisory services in Toronto, SDG Accountant has worked with every type of organization to... Read More

Start Working With NBFCS And Banks And Earn Good Commission.

CLAP Financial Services CLAP focuses on providing customers with exclusive access to digital support where they can approach and apply for the desired loan. Be it a home loan, personal loan,... Read More

Provide Digital Banking Services To Your Customers & Earn 2,5000 Or More Per Month

Neo-Banking Neo-banking involves information technology based banking. Under this I.T system, the banking services are delivered by way of a Computer-Controlled System. This system does involve direct interface with the customers.... Read More