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A solution and service delivery innovator and integrator for Business, Enterprise & Government organisations. Our mission is to become the solution and service delivery partner of choice, utilising clever technology and... Read More

EXCEED ICT supports a range of IoT platforms and technologies. *** LoRaWan *** Waste Management *** Geotab Telematics *** Cisco IoT Control Centre We can even consolidate your view of multiple platforms into one via... Read More

EXCEED ICT’s developers are a unique team of professionals who all share a passion for solving the real problems that are relevant in business today. Having exceptional capabilities in technology and... Read More

Our Fleet Managing Services A service specifically designed to help you Manage your Organisation’s Fleet of mobiles and Free up your Time so you can Get back to Business. Every request through... Read More

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It’s common for every digital service today to ask you to log in with a password and an email address. Social media, Streaming services, favourite news sites and work accounts... Read More

Help Desk Intercom – EXCEED ICT

Help Desk Intercom - Live Human Video Help-Desk Software - Built on the cloud - Only PC with Camera/Audi ired - Install in minutes / Simple Set-up - Patented “jump” screen technology* - Broadcast pre-recorded vid... Read More

Data is the new oil. It powers businesses across the globe and drives innovation. However, it also makes them a vulnerable target for hackers and ransomware. How much do you value... Read More