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What is Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)?

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is a metric that shows how satisfied your customers are with your company’s products or services. CSAT is an important measure of customer experience for organizations.... Read More

5 Stages of Customer Journey and How to Measure Them

Stages of the Customer Journey There are distinct stages in which your potential customer goes through and ought to be directed appropriately to be acquainted with and get tied up with... Read More

Your business is nothing without your customers. Customers are the fundamental requirement of any business. Having them is a great asset, not only because they are the source of revenue... Read More

Difference between NPS and CSAT | Which is Best?

Difference between CSAT and NPS: The NPS question focuses on future recommendations, whereas the CSAT questions focus on the current level of satisfaction. While CSAT measures short-term customer happiness, NPS focuses on... Read More

Success Factors for Customer Experience Success

Now, defining a customer experience encompasses any impeccable interaction, online or offline, with your company that a customer or potential customer may have, and it encompasses the whole experience, starting... Read More