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How to Calculate Bike Insurance Premium?

You may get a similar estimate by providing basic information about your motorbike, like its brand and model, registration date, insurance policy type, etc. Here are the steps to Calculate... Read More

Two Wheeler Insurance Add-ons with Square Insurance

Two Wheeler Insurance Add-ons for your two-wheeled vehicle that can be added to your insurance plan Zero Depreciation Cover It's like putting a potent anti-wrinkle lotion on your bike and giving it... Read More

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What Is NCB In Bike Insurance And How It Works?

The full form of NCB is No-Claim Bonus. When policyholders don’t make any claims throughout the policy’s coverage period, they earn a “no-claims bonus” bonus. The number of claim-free years... Read More

Buy Bike Insurance Online | Squareinsurance

The law regarding motorcycle insurance in India requires the purchase of a Third-Party Liability Bike Insurance Policy at the very least. These are the requirements outlined in the Indian Motor... Read More