Assalamualaikum, at the beginning, I would like to express my best wishes for the month of Ramadhan from the website of Laughter Story. The month of worship is the holy month of Ramadan. The reward of this month is several times from every month. So we all Muslims will try to pray more Salam in the month of Ramadan. In the month of Ramadan, Allah Taala gives everyone the opportunity to forgive multiple times through repentance.

One of the common misconceptions among many Muslims is the Taraweeh prayer. If you don't pray Tarawi, will you fast? How many more rakats should be read? Let's know everything from today's post.

How many rakats of Taraweeh prayer?
In fact, in the month of Ramadan, an argument started in our country that how many rakats of Taraweeh prayer is 8 rakats or 16 rakats or 20 rakats. But tarabee prayer is 20 rakat. Muslims line up together and perform the Tarawi prayer through 20 rakat prayers. Tarawi Namaz Sunnah Muakkadah and Fasting are obligatory for all Muslims.
Rules for reading Taraweeh prayer:
Tarawi prayer should be done after Isha prayer. Tarawi prayer should be performed in two rakats and then salam should be returned. After reading four rakats in this way and resting for a while, various tasbeeh- tahlils are recited. After the Taraweeh prayer, three rak'ats of bat prayer are finished.

Can the Taraweeh prayer be read alone or not?
It is better to perform all other prayers alone except the obligatory prayers. But this is an exception in the case of Tarawi prayers. It is Shariah-compliant and better to offer Taraweeh prayers in congregation. Rather, it is better to pray in congregation with everyone in the mosque than to pray alone.

Dua of Taraweeh Namaz:
Bengali Pronunciation: 'Subhana Zil Mulki Walmalakuti, Subha Zil Izyati Wal Azhmati Wal Haybati Wal Kudrati Wal Kibriali Wal Jhabruti. Subhanal Yali Hayaizi La Yanamu Wabad Abad Abad Subbuhun Quddusun Rabbuna Wa Rabbul Malaikati Wara Ruh.

Taraweeh prayer:
Bengali pronunciation: Allahumma inna nasalukal jannata wa nauzubika minnanar. Ya Khaliqal Jannati One Nar. Birhmatika Ya Azhizhu Ya Gaffar, Ya Karimu Ya Sattar, Ya Rahimu Ya Jhabbar, Ya Khaliku Ya Baru. Aumma ajirna minan nar. Ya muzhiru, ya muzhiru, ya muzhiru. Virahmatika ya Arhamar Rahimin.

Last words:

In our life we have committed many sins without knowing it. So we all will try to do more deeds in this month of Ramadan. May Allah Taala forgive us all Ameen.

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