Keloid Specialist in Camp, Pune

When the skin is damaged, such as by a cut, bite, scratch, burn, acne, or piercing, the body creates more collagen. Collagen forms around the injured skin as a result of the natural process of healing, building up to help the wound close up. The scar that results normally disappears with time, becoming smoother and less visible. Some scars continue to grow, invading healthy skin and eventually becoming larger than the initial wound. These are known as keloid scars, and they impact around 10 – 15% of all wounds.

Despite a long list of potential skin injuries, researchers are still unable to identify the actual underlying cause of keloids. Changes in cellular signals that drive fast reproduction and inflammation are linked; however, attempts to explain what causes these changes have been unsatisfactory thus far.
Keloid Removal With Laser Treatments
Keloids can be treated, so it is not a condition you have to continue living with. The treatment involves superficial radiation and is incredibly effective in removing keloid scars. Keloid removal with ultra pulse SCAAR FX and Enerjet JVR has a success rate that is over 90%. Previously, removing keloids did require surgery but the problem was that the keloids often grew back. With surgical removal, the keloids grew back in 90% of the cases. That number drastically drops with superficial radiation therapy, as less than 10% of the keloids grow back.
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