Hospital Management Information System

it's a software suite designed to streamline and centralize various administrative tasks within a hospital. Think of it as a digital conductor orchestrating everything from patient management and billing to inventory control and medical record keeping.

Here's a glimpse into its key features:

Centralized control: Manage various hospital departments like OPD, IPD, OT, pharmacy, and nursing stations from a single platform.
Patient UHID: Securely store and manage patient medical records electronically with a unique Universal Health Identification (UHID) system.
Billing and inventory: Simplify OPD and IPD billing, track medical supplies and equipment in real-time, and generate reports for better financial management.
Medical reports and EMR: Maintain comprehensive electronic medical records (EMR) and generate detailed reports for doctors and patients.
Dashboard and analytics: Gain valuable insights into hospital operations through customized dashboards and insightful data analysis.
Multiple access points: Access the system from different locations within the hospital or even remotely, ensuring flexibility and real-time data availability.