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Powder Coating Services | Sidhant Enterprises

Many industrial coating applications consider powder coating technology as a sustainable alternative. The process of applying ornamental and protective coatings or finishes in the form of a free-flowing powder on... Read More

Brass Bathroom Fittings Dealers in Pune |Hindustan Machinery

A well-known dealer of BRASS BATHROOM FITTINGS - FUSION is HINDUSTAN MACHINERY. Purchase the most up-to-date luxury bathroom fittings from HINDUSTAN MACHINERY. High-end bathroom fixture producer. Bathroom accessories in Pune... Read More

Nickel Plating Service | Sidhant Enterprises

Electrolytic nickel plating with a secondary process to make the surface black is known as nickel plating. While lowering surface reflectivity, this coating will offer corrosion protection and retain electrical... Read More

Three Station Cold Box Core Shooter | Galaxy Machine

This machine has an extremely high rate of productivity. For firing, gassing, and core collecting, there are three stations.  Three Station Cold Box Core Shooter It has the ability to simultaneously... Read More

Industrial Tin Plating Services | Sidhant Enterprises

Due to its lower cost than gold or platinum, using tin plating services is mostly for financial reasons. Many industries go for tin because of its outstanding solderability and resistance... Read More

Swr Pipe Manufacturers in Pune | Hindustan Machinery

HINDUSTAN MACHINERY is a well-known producer of SWR pipes and fittings in Pune. We have built a strong name thanks to our high-quality standards and dedication to excellence in... Read More

Double/Two Station Cold Box Core Shooter | Galaxy Machine

This high-productivity machine produces cores at a pace that is almost two times that of single-station machines. We are Double Station Cold Box Core Shooter Manufacturer with a range of... Read More

Industrial Silver Plating Services | Sidhant Enterprises

We provide premium industrial silver plating. Our qualified professionals perform this utilising the best materials, equipment, and technology. The promised service is delivered flawlessly and within the allotted period. The... Read More

Gold Plating Services | Sidhant Enterprises

industrial gold plating services are offered by Sidhant Enterprises based on client requirements. Since gold is regarded as the metal of the finest caliber, our company specializes in offering gold... Read More

These devices are used to produce vertically divided core boxes for use in making cores. The right and left halves of this sort of core box have vertical separation lines.... Read More