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Research university | Alfaisal University

Start a great academic career by enrolling in one of the more than seven prestigious graduate programs and join a distinguished community of academics. As a member of this exclusive... Read More

Architectural Engineering | Alfaisal University

In the field of construction management, meeting all specifications, staying within budget, and finishing projects on time are the three key objectives. The construction management program at Alfaisal University equips... Read More

Electrical Engineering courses | College of Engineering | Alfaisal University

The Electrical Engineering degree at Alfaisal University offers a plethora of extra options that allow students to customize their academic experience to fit their individual interests and career goals. In... Read More

Mechanical Engineering | Alfaisal University

The Mechanical Engineering programme at Alfaisal University is created to give students a thorough education that combines academic knowledge and practical abilities in accordance with the most recent technological breakthroughs... Read More

University Preparatory Program | Alfaisal University

The University Preparatory Programme (UPP) at Alfaisal University is a revolutionary first step that gives students the tools they need to navigate the exciting shift from high school to college.... Read More

Mathematics & Computer science | Alfaisal University

Alfaisal University's Department of Computer Science and Mathematics is dedicated to providing top-notch instruction that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and competent technology use. The department is highly focused on... Read More