5 Best Thermal ID Card Printers 2023

Before buying the best thermal id card printer, you need to know about the thermal id card printer’s printing speed, print quality, consumable items (thermal ribbons & PVC blanks), printer maintenance costs, etc. There are mainly 3 types of id card printing machines why I should choose the best thermal id card printing machine?

Usually, thermal id card printer is used by professional smart id card makers or corporate business houses where new employees are hired on a daily wise a large scale. so it is hard to outsource employees to the corporate business.

Except for id card printing for employees, thermal id card printers are used for printing on PVC cards in various organizations for different types of uses such as Aadhar Cards, Pan Cards, Election Cards, Security Card Payment Cards, etc.

Concept of Thermal ID Card Printer
Thermal id card printer works as a digital printer and the concept of how it works is based on sublimation printing technology, in this application no required liquid or toner as well as inkjet and laser jet printers.

“In place of ink or toner, the thermal id card printer uses a thermal transfer ribbon, which is made of very thin PET FILM (4 layers 7-8 microns), pet film has one side coated resin dye CYMK format (matte finish) and another side shiny.

When a digital file is sent to the thermal id card printer, During printing, the heated printer head comes directly in contact with the ribbon front side (pet film glossy side) and backside (high-resolution resin coated) with PVC cards.

During printing, a pet film ribbon receives heat & pressure from the print head, beneath the thermal ribbon (backside) resin dye ink is transferred on laying blank PVC Card on the particular design area, sooner the print process is finished, once the card is printed it moves forward to output hooper get automatically laminated with overlay thermal lamination ribbon (0.6 to 1.0 ml thick).

Thermal lamination makes PVC cards scratch free, waterproof, and long-lasting. Most of all thermal printers are able to print on 0.5mm to 1.0 mm thick PVC cards.

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